Speech Recognition

for Java/Processing


This library used to bring speech recognition to your Processing applications. Due to limitations in the involved speech to text API, the library has been replaced by a workaround that involves Google Chrome.

As of December 2014, further development has been discontinued. Looking for the old library?


Using WebSocket, Google Chrome and Processing, you can get unlimited speech recognition results in your Processing sketch.

All you need is a running instance of Google Chrome with a bit of JavaScript that will handle the speech recognition. Every transcript can will then be send to Processing via WebSockets.

In Processing you will receive the results as Strings that you can work with.

Check out the example below to get started.



Basic Example


Email me or follow me on Twitter. I’m a designer and I’m aware of bugs, errors and bad ways of coding. Anyway, as long as it works for me, I’m happy to share what I’ve got. Feel free to make any changes to the code.

Florian Schulz, June 2011–2015